The Need

The UN High Commission on Refugees reports more than 16 million refugees and 60 million displaced persons around the world today. The epicenter of this human upheaval is in the relatively small area of the Middle East.  Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and many other countries in the region are in a near constant state of civil war or significant unrest.  Lebanon alone has seen an influx of nearly 2 million refugees, increasing the country’s population by almost 50%.

The Opportunity

God uses crisis to open doors and God is working in the Middle East right now. In the last 1,400 years, the Muslim world has never been this open to seeking help and hope from Christians.  They are tired of the hatred and violence they see within Islam.  They are open to a community who shows them love and compassion and open to the good news of the gospel that makes them different. The church needs to be flooding this region with resources and support. The time is now!

The Next Steps...

About Us

What is a lighthouse? God has given us a vision to generate a network of 1,000 Lighthouses throughout the Middle East.

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Engage With

How can I get involved? 1000 Lighthouses invites you into the opportunities God is creating by praying, going, or giving.

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Go Deeper

Where are the unreached? The "10/40 window" is an area of the world that stretches from Northwestern Africa to China.

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Let's Go

Travel with us to Lebanon! Your team will spend time serving alongside our local church partner, Tyre Church. Team members will be given a firsthand look at how the church is reaching out with love in response to the refugee crisis.